Ski tours in the Brand valley


Night time Ski tours in Palüd area

This Ski tours takes place every Tuesday from 5:30pm to 10pm, the slope leaving the Palüd is cleared for ski touring enthusiasts.  Follow the prepared slopes from the Palüd valley station to the Palüd ski resort.  At the end, you could visit the Bergrestaurant Melkboden or the Palüdhütte, which stay open longer especially for this occasion.  Please do not forget that the last valley run must take place at 9:45pm at the latest, since the ski slope is closed again from 10pm.  For further information and reservations, please call T +43 55 59 390 (Palüdhütte) or T +43 55 59 298 (Melkboden)

Starting point: Palüdbahn valley station
Ascent: approximately 1 1/4 hours
Difficulty: Only for experienced skiers or ski touring enthusiasts
Equipment: Headlamp or night vision goggles


Schattenlagandhütte in Brand

In winter, the Schattenlagant-Alp area is also a much visited side valley in Brand.  Alongside toboganning and winter hiking, there is the opportunity to visit the Schattenlagandhütte on touring skis.  The entrance to this touring area is at the edge Brand village (approximately 300m past the Palüdbahn).  Please be careful of possible cross-traffic from different snow-making machines.  For further information on the opening hours and the snow conditions, please call T +43 676 95 62 502 (Schattenlaganthütte).  Please note that the entire area can be closed due to the risk of avalanches.

Starting point: edge of Brand (near the Palüdbahn)
Ascent: approximately 1 1/4 hours
Difficulty: medium


Schesaplana (2,965 m in Brand)

The absolute highlight to the ski tour is the trip to the highest peak of the Rätikon. This very long tour, with challenging conditions and several steep sections ends with a magnificent panoramic view of the summit.

On the road from Innertal to the valley station of the Lünerseebahn, continue to the end of the valley following the right hand side to the top of the Sommerweg.  Go over the Bösen Tritt – mostly without skis – and then down the steep slope to Lünersee.  Climb further over the western trail of the Lünersee.   From the middle of the lake you could begin to cross the slope in good conditions which leads to the Totalphütte.  After the Totalphütte, continue on the left ridge to the Schesaplana border. Follow this road, later to the right towards Tobel and then steeply to the summit ridge, just to the left of the highest point. The last few meters are mostly on foot to the summit. Go back as you came.

Starting point: after the edge of the Brand village, 1,120m
Height: 1,850m
Difficulty: medium
Avalanche risk: high
Season: February – May


Tour of Oberzalimkopf (2,340 m in Brand)

Start of this Ski tours is on the downhill slope and goes then about 270m upwards to the Unteren Zalimalpe.  Then follow the left track to the junction at the entrance to the Zalimalpe and keep going on the left further into the valley.  After a wooded section, continue upwards to the wide valley floor and the Oberzalimhütte (not managed in winter).  Follow the path to the right, then steeply to the left until you reach the right side of the summit.  There is a ski depot under the ridge cliff.  The follow the ridge with the cliff face on the left to the summit.  Go back as you came.

Starting point: valley station of the Palüdbahn, 1,060m
Height: 1280m
Difficulty: medium
Avalanche risk: medium in the middle; high below the summit
Season: January-April


Schillermulde (1,847 m above sea level in Bürserberg)

Follow the trail from the Tschengla car park to the foot of the slope at about 1,230m.  Stay to the right towards Furkla (about 1,600m).  You can ski between Schillerkopf and Mondspitze on the right hand side of the valley (tight turns on the ridge or more gently on the northern slope of the Schillerkopf).  Go back as you came.

Alternative: Mondspitze (1,967 m in Bürserberg)

The Mondspitze is, if anything, more interesting in winter due to it being covered in pines.  Follow the Schillermulde route to the plateau, then stay straight on the east ridge of the Mondspitze and barely left on the ridge in sharp turns to the summit.  Go back as you came.

Starting point: valley station of the Einhornbahn or Tschengla car park, 1,200m
Height: 630m
Difficulty: easy
Avalanche risk: low – medium (end of the Joch)
Season: December – March