Walks in the Brand valley

Summit upon summit, snow-capped mountains glistening in the morning sunshine – truly brings joy to your heart.  The diverse landscapes of the Brand valley make Walks in the Brand valley impressive. Countless hiking trails lead from the valley to the mountains. From easy hiking tours to high-altitude hiking trails or challenging mountain trails, everything is possible here.

Animal experience walk

Over the 1.5km trail there are interactive play areas and various enclosures with rabbits, goats, chickens, cows, horses, sheep…making the hike an “animal” experience for the whole family.  At the end of the adventure, you will find the Alvierbad, enticing you to refresh yourself in the natural bathing waters.  Alvierbad – Kneippanlage – Bridge – Playground – Fischteich – Lärchenhof – Viewpoint – Reitstall Beck – Alvierbad.


Starting point: Alvierbad
Walking time: approximately 1 ½ hours


Barefoot pathway – Parpfienzalpe

How do gravel, sand and cold alpine water feel on bare feet?  You can discover the pleasure of barefoot hiking again on the new 1.5 km long barefoot trail.  Float gently with the Dorfbahn in Brand to the beginning of the barefoot trail.

Tip: The Parpfienzalpe at 1,600 meters above sea level is the only Sauerkäsalpe outside the Montafon.  Let yourself be pampered with homemade products from the alpine dairy.

Starting point: Dorfbahn mountain station
Walking time: approximately 1 hour



The Alvierbachweg in Brand is a diverse and classic route since it is easily accessible from all parts of Brand.  The path runs on both sides along the Alvierbach, which can be crossed by several bridges. The Alvierbachweg is a quiet, partly shaded and easy walk with several opportunities to rest in comfortable restaurants.


Starting point: Centre of Brand
Walking time: approximately 2 hours


Kesselfall in Brand – Walks in the Brand valley

The Kesselfall, a natural landmark in Brand, is located in an impressive rocky gorge. The Alvier comes crashing and foaming through a 40m deep ravine.  A breathtaking and unforgettable view of the Kessefall is possible from the dizzying Kessefall bridge.  In the Innertal, near the Herz-Jesu Chapel, a road leads slightly up to the Kesselfall junction. Go to the right, over the gorge stream to the bridge over the Kesselfall.  The return journey takes you back across the Weißtannenmaisäß and Schattenlagantstraße to Brand.


Starting point: End of Brand village, after the Herz-Jesu Chapel
Walking time: approximately 1 ½ hours


Alpe Rona – Tschengla Bürserberg

Easy, short hike to the Alps.  An experience of alpine life – animals, alpine products, dairies.  In the Schausennerei,  you can watch the cheese being made daily from 9am, from the beginning of June to the middle of September.


Starting point: Wanderpark Bürserberg – Tschengla
Walking time: ¼ hour

The Alpe Rona is also the starting point for numerous further hikes.


Hinterburgweg – Letschaweg – Walks in the Brand Valley


From the Zimbapark (parking is possible here), go along the Aulandweg, past the campsite to the rear trench.  Follow the asphalted trail until you reach the Letschaweg (Forstweg), past the Wasserbecken – Hinterburgweg,  turn right at the junction into Werkstraße, then turn left at Unterrainweg, past the Frick nursery and then turn off right towards the Zimbapark.

Information for wheelchair users: the distance is about 5km, mostly asphalted and flat, partly solid forest road, a section of approximately 100m has a 10% gradient.

Starting point: Zimbapark Bürs



Start at the Zimbapark – Almteilweg, cross the motorway bridge to Bludenz and turn right at the motorway police into Bremschlstraße.  Turn left at the Schrottenbaum joinery into the Illstraße and  follow the Ill to La Vogue (hairdressers), turn left and go to pedestrian/bike bridge (Quadrella).  Go along the Bürser side of the Ill, then take a short section of main road, arriving at the Zimbapark.

Information for wheelchair users: The distance is about 6 km, mostly asphalted and flat, with a small slope (the bikebridge ramp).  This option could also be extended to the Walgau (Nüziders, Ludesch, Thuringen, Bludesch, Nenzing etc.).

Starting point: Zimbapark Bürs


Parpfienzrundweg (circular route)

From the Dorfbahn on the route to the Inner Parpfienzalpe you will find the starting point of the Parpfienzrundweges (circular walk).  Shortly after the alp, branch off from the trail towards the Niggenkopf and walk on the south side of the Lorenzitäli uphill.  At the highest point of the hike,  cross the stream and from there, take a road below extended mountain pine fields leading back to the Parpfienalpe.  This hike is worthwhile because of seeing the blossom, particularly in early summer.  The flora in this area was praised by botanists in the 19th century. Walks in the Brand valley at its best.

Tip: Instead of going from the Güterweg Dorfbahn to Parpfienzalpe, try the “Barefoot Trail.”

Starting point: Mountain station Dorfbahn in Brand
Walking time: approximately 1 ¼ hours