Kneipp therapy (hydrotherapy) is the most natural form of wellness, in a way, the “original“ form of wellness.  After a good long hike or a relaxing walk, before or after eating, Kneipp therapy always has positive effects:

Kneipp therapy activates and strengthens the immune system, promotes the circulation, harmonizes and strengthens the nervous system.  Its balancing effect on breathing, the heart beat, circulation, blood pressure, metabolism, temperature, digestion and the nervous and endocrine system are undisputed.  Ice-cold, pure spring water revives your spirits.


Both in Brand and in Bürserberg, the Kneipp facilities are freely accessible:


In Brand, the Kneipp facility is located right next to Alvierbad (the bathing lake) in the town centre.


In Bürserberg, the Kneipp facility is on the high plateau of the Tschengla, only a few minutes from the bike park. There is even a special dog pool for your four-legged friend!