Bikepark Brandnertal – Vorarlberg’s first bike park

This modern bike park in the Bürserberg area – Bikepark Brandnertal – offers an outdoor experience for everyone:

• For non-mountain bikers  – there are mountain karts and monster rollers to ride on the Funsport trails.
• For mountain bikers – there are free-ride and downhill trails.

Funsport trails

Take mountain karts or monster rollers down the beginner-friendly track from the Tschengla plateau, lasting for more than 3 kilometers. This is the ideal experience for families and groups.
Our tip: book at least two trips down. On the first trip you can get to know the equipment and the route and gradually increase your speed.
The second time round – it’s great fun!


There are more than 8 kilometers of tracks over three freeride and downhill trails; with numerous steep curves, jumps and wooden obstacles waiting for bikers of all abilities:

• Route “Tschengla Unchained”: 3.5km Flowline, easy difficulty level – fun for beginners.
• Route “Tschäck the Ripper”: 3km Freeride, medium difficulty level– the ideal challenge for advanced riders.
• Trail “Tschack Norris”: 2.5km Downhill, harder difficulty level – this challenging course is specially designed for experienced bikers and professionals, with high jumps, challenging sections, difficult terrain and steep gradients along this route.

Click here for the map of the tracks at Bikepark Brandnertal

In addition to these, there are some specials routes to consider:

• “GoPro Woods”: 2 x 150m Northshore trails, easy to medium difficulty.
• “Woody Coaster”: 150m Northshore Trails, medium difficulty.
• Route “Tschim Beam”: 250m Expert Jumpline, very difficult.
• Trail “Tschacklin”: 250m Mini Downhill, medium difficulty.

Discounted tickets for owners of a Montafon-Brandnertal year-round card

Rental rates for bikes, protective gear, etc.

Gravity Academy Bike School

Trained guides organise and run courses for beginners and advanced riders, as well as endurance rides throughout the region and mountain bike camps.  Everything follows the motto: “Mountain bike fun for everyone”.

Courses offered by the Gravity Academy

Trial course in the bike park –  a special offer only for guests with the Brandnertal Card (guest card)

Brandnertal Bike Park’s opening hours

• Open daily from the end of June to the beginning of September.
• Trails are particularly active at weekends from the beginning of May to the end of June.
• After the high season – from the beginning of September – the bike park will be open at weekends.

The exact opening hours can be found on the bike park‘s homepage: