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Holiday home „Walserhus“ in Brand


Holiday home „Walserhus“ in Brand is something very special. It has a long history of over 200 years and is one of the last three houses of the walser village in Brand. It has been preserved in its original size. So if you like the charm of historic buildings in the mountains, then this holiday home is the place for you. However, our ancestors were even smaller than we are today, so the room heights are lower, which should be considered if you like to book this charming house. The exact room heights can be found below.


With eight beds, it is suitable for relatively large families and groups. The “Walserhus” is also not far from the tourist center of Brand:


In summer you can walk to the cable car station “Dorfbahn” in a few minutes. The lake, the tennis courts, the tennis halls, the horse riding places, the golf course, the animal adventure trail and the archery course can be reached quickly and easily on foot.


In winter you can reach the cable car station “Dorfbahn” – the perfect entry into the Brandnertal skiing area – in just a few minutes walking distance. There is also a ski rental and a ski school at the “Dorfbahn”. The ice rink, the animal adventure trail, the tennis halls, the horse riding places, the archery course and much more can be reached quickly and easily on foot.


A bus stop is located 20 meters from the front door. Despite the “Walserhus” is located very close to the main street, it is very quiet and idyllic, as the traffic noise from the street spreads over the roof. Parking spaces are also available in front of the house. Furthermore a fireplace in front of the house invites you to spend cozy evenings in the garden. A veranda, which was usual to the Walser houses, also invites you to sit together comfortably with a fantastic view of the Brandner valley end.



Studa 55

6708 fire


Holiday home „Walserhus“ in Brand – general description of the house


100 square meters of living space

3 bedrooms with a total of 8 beds

One Bedroom with a double bed

One smaller bedroom (= connecting room) with a bunk bed – 2 beds

One Bedroom with a bunk bed (= 2 beds) and two single beds – a total of 4 beds

2 bathrooms each with shower and toilet * each equipped with a hairdryer

free WiFi

several free parking spaces available

Barbecue area – fireplace in front of the house

Pets Allowed

fully equipped kitchen

* Plate

* Cups

* Cutlery

* Knife

* Pots

* Glasses

* Fridge

* Filter coffee machine

* Nespresso machine

* Wood-heated stove

* Electric stove with oven

* Corner bench and 2 chairs


Living room:

* Tiled stove (can be heated in the kitchen)

* A bench and three chairs for up to 8 people

* Well preserved traditional dining table

* Sofa with a small coffee table

* TV

* Wine glasses

* Glasses of water

* “Schnaps” glasses

* Champagne glasses

* Cabinet



Additional equipment in the “Walserhus” in Brand

Washing machine

2 vacuum cleaners

Ironing board


Clothes drying rack

3 deckchairs with chair covers

6 seat pads for veranda benches

2 garden chairs for the veranda

Fireplace in front of the “Walserhus” with a fire basket

Wood is available for free in the shed





Caution – low room heights


Our ancestors were smaller, so the room heights were lower 🙂


* The kitchen has a ceiling height of 1.84m

* The entrance has a room height of 1.92m

* The living room has a room height of 2.07m

* Large bathroom has a ceiling height of 2.0m

* Small bathroom has a ceiling height of 1.97m

* Large bedroom has a ceiling height of 2.0m

* Small bedroom (= connecting room) has a ceiling height of 1.97m

* The bedroom for 4 people has a ceiling height of 1.95m


Walser House on Fire – Chronicle


The “Walserhus” was first mentioned in records in 1779. The owner at that time was Johann Christian Schedler- the house is over 200 years old.


Christian Schedler (1779-1830) was married to Kegele Maria Juliana (1784-1859)

Their son Schedler Michael Anton (1826-1908) was married to Nesler Anna Maria (1828-1914)

Their daughter Schedler Ottilie (1866-1911) was married to Nesler Christian (1868-1939)

Their daughter Nesler Maria Juliana (1907-1946) was married to Königer Josef (1898-1987) von Grubhof, Tiefing in Bavaria, Germany.

Their son Königer Erwin (1929-2012) was married to Ganahl Maria Sigrid (1929-2018)


Königer Erwin was the family’s first child and had the task of running the small farm with his father Josef Königer at a young age and he had to take care of his siblings Josef, Roswitha and Waltraud, as their mother died very early due to food poisoning.


Like his father, Erwin Königer was employed as a road attendant in addition to working on the farm. He was also in Brand volunteering the fire brigade and was an honorary member to the end.


Erwin got married to Sigrid Ganahl in 1960. Sigrid already had two little children, Renate and Margit, whom she brought into the marriage. Her first husband Nesler Johann died of cancer in 1956. Erwin and Sigrid had 3 children together, Andrea, Angelika and Georg. His father Josef also lived in the house until he died in 1987.


The house is now owned by Georg Königer and his wife Katy.




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